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Butchers and Drovers Charitable Institution - BDCI

The Butchers and Drovers Charitable Institution (BDCI) – Britain’s own meat trade charity – now has a new look that reflects its purpose … ‘Lean On Us’. And we invite meat trade colleagues in need of financial support to do exactly that.

About BDCI

From time to time, we all need somebody to lean on.

Since 1828, BDCI has been there to provide vital financial support whenever it is needed… not only to colleagues with current or historic connections to the meat trade in UK and Ireland, but also to their dependants and loved ones; to their widowed spouses and partners; and to their children who may have special needs.

BDCI will consider applications for a wide and varied range of purposes. Grants to help fund aids and adaptations to a home in cases of disability or life-changing events; replacing domestic appliances to make life easier; cash support to help when people, through no fault of their own, are in need; and for those who require that extra little help that ongoing payments would provide.

The Charity is also able to provide support for education in the form of financial grants for students pursuing meat trade-related studies and training.

We want everyone involved across the meat trade to help spread the word that when life may be difficult, when times are tough or when money is short, the first port of call for financial help is BDCI… so Lean On Us!

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