Each year the BDCI spends around £200,000 helping individuals in need and we are often contacted by beneficiaries asking for their expressions of heartfelt gratitude to be passed on to those who give support to the charity.

John Allison, from Stranraer in Scotland, is one such individual. John worked at BENI Foods as charge hand in the cooked meats department looking after the smoking and roasting meat process from 1991-2001.


In recent years he became ill and as his condition worsened, he needed his bedroom and bathing facilities to be moved to the ground floor. The BDCI was able to help installing a new ground floor wet room shower facility. Following the contribution towards the work, Mr Allison contacted the charity to express his gratitude and to explain what a difference the donation has made to his life, and how it has allowed him to regain his independence.

Below are just a handful of other comments...


“After a period of unsettlement, Mr Dunn and his young children have been allocated secure accommodation. The receipt of funds from your organisation will enable him to purchase essential household items to assist the family’s resettlement into the community.” – Health Worker


“I was overwhelmed by the assistance given to me by the BDCI, for their grant made such a positive difference to my life” – Mrs Taylor

“I could not have started looking for work without the help I received to secure my new home. Having my own space has helped me get my life back together and make a fresh start. Thank you.” – Mr Dudley


“Thank you so much for helping me to obtain this wonderful chair, it has made a terrific difference to my life!” – Mrs O’Kelly

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